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  • About Me and the Atelier Artisanal

    Filippo's my name and I was born in Florence. I studied in my city up to 2004 when I went to Seville (Spain) for a professional school of tourism. I had the licecence as a tourist guide of Florence and Toscana in 2009.

    The main vocation of my activity since long time is for sure the tuscan Countryside and for this in any tour or experience, both walking or riding a bike, my mission is a new way of living the rural landscape with passion and surprise.

    I don't like to do my job with a superficial attitude: the landscape where we are is a secular art-work of generation of men and women, the deepest espression ot their memories, and I'm proud of it. I'm proud to share with you my emotion.

    All my tours are from SETTIGNANO, charmant village nearby to Florence where me and Caroline we've got our Atelier Artisanal.. Caroline, my wife, is the designer and craftmen of the Atelier Artisanal since 2017 when she opened this workshop for her fabulous handmade jewelry of semi-precious stones. Living in Florence since 2005, actually she's a recognized expert of the wire-wrapping techmique. and stones. I decided to be part of the Atelier Artisanal project for my job with tourists curious of my tours because of Caroline's passion for her art and because both we're artisans of this land.




    Our passeggiata (stroll) goes through the ancient rural roads marked by dry-stones walls fol

    lowing the up and down of hills and valleys with houses and Villas with magnificent gardens as Villa Gamberaia, one of the most important historical complex of Italy. The palette of colours is more enchanting thanks to wild flowers and herbs (rosemary, violets, daisy) and the silver green of the olive trees of the rural area around Florence.
    The walk has a medium/easy difficulty. You need to be able to walk 8 km with some climb and remember to put good walking shoes on!
    A minimum of 2 person per booking is required. Kids are welcome, but they need to be use to walk 8 km.
    Depart: 10am/2pm from Atelier Artisanal, Niccolò Tommaseo Square, 2r
    End of the tour at 12.00 am/4pm at the Atelier Artisanal.
    35 euro per person; Under 18: 15 euro per person.
    INCLUDED: personal tour guide, 1lt of water, visit of the Atelier Artisanal. 15% off on any piece of the shop.







    Short walk (1hour) around Settignano catching nice views of the hills, Villas an the lovely streets of stones of the Village; after the visit and the experience of the Atelier Artisanal. The first section with Caroline for the wire-wrapping design of semi-precious stones as the succesfull "Tree of Life".

    The second one is Marina's book-illustrations of animals, plants and paints of Settignano countryside. She's an painter and restorer from Argentina, now working for the Atelier Artisanal.

    Recommendable for families with children or adults with passion for high-quality hand-made. Ideal for gifts or souvenir of local handicraft. Have a look at the web-page of Atelier Artisanal by Caroline Broussard:



    Depart: 9.30am from Atelier Artisanal, Niccolò Tommaseo Square, 2r.
    End of the tour at 12.00 am at the Atelier Artisanal


    25 euro per person; Adults+chlds 15 euro per person.

    Included: tourist guide for the tour, visit of the Atelier Artisanal and 15% off for any piece of the shop.



    The Green Line of Firenze is a first day guided visit of the City Centre, but in a different path through streets, parks and gardens. Signoria Square and the Town Hall is our starting point to get to the Ponte Vecchio, medieval bridge of shops and the Vasari Corridor for the Medici, then down to the vivacious district of San Niccolò on the south bank of the river Arno.

    Walking through the gate of San Miniato, the silent paths by the olive or cypress trees out of the city centre is a favourite way to reach Michelangelo Square and the Abbey of San Miniato. Stop to visit the church and enjoy the view before the downhill on the road called "Le Rampe" with the sound of the new Water Fall and the colours and perfums of Terraces with Flowers and bushes.

    The Green Line of Florence is a dynamic stroll, an innnovative and relaxing immersion in the Historical City Centre, out of the frenzy and crowded streets. It's funny for children for the attractive parks, trees and flowers in a low traffic zone or pedestrian area.

    We end up the guided tour at the entrance door of the Bardini Garden where you have the entrance included for a personal visit of the two main green areas of Florence: Bardini and Boboli Gardens both in the South bank of the Arno River.

    It's a walking tour with a short uphill to Michelangelo Square and a flight of stairs to the Abbey of San Miniato, so comfortable shoes are recommeded.


    • Meeting Point: Signoria Square, by the Neptune Fountain at 9am.
      • Price per person: 40 euro. Under 18 years old: 20 euro.  Bardini ang Boboli gardens entrance included.
      • Available from Tuesdays to Sundays.
      • Guided tour with Filippo from 9am to 11.30am.




    New bike tour from our Atelier at the main square of Settignano to Florence city centre, riding through the Mensola Park and the Arno River Cycle path. Low trafic streets or cycling areas comfortable for any kind of biker, children included. Short section with a soft uphill to Michelangelo <square, always in total safe cycle.-path.

    Filippo is an expert tourist guide for tourists who want to have a relaxing experience with a bike. I usually provide very good 21 speeds bikes for adults and seat for children. Helmets are always included.

    The tour ends up at the city centre, so you don't have to bike back to Settignano.


    38 euro per pax; New Family price (2 adts+chlds): 28 euro per pax.

    Included: Professional Tour guide, bikes and helmets, water, ice-cream, 15% off on any piece of the Atelier Artisanal.
    Depart: 9.30 am from Atelier Artisanal, Niccolò Tommaseo Square, 2r Settignao (Firenze).

    End of the tour at 12.00.



    Tommaseo Square, Settignano. Florence.
    MON- FRI: 08:00 AM - 10:00 PM
    SAT - SUN: 10:00 AM - 11:00 PM