Leonardo was born in Vinci a fortified viallage of the west-valley of the Arno river in 1452. He early moved to Florence, as many other youngs of his generations, for a professional study in one of the workshops of the city. Not difficult in a vivacious centre of competitive and up-dated ateliers of any field of scientific knowledge and fine arts, where the new learning of the Renaissance was the essential know-how to have a firm foot in the influential palaces of powerful Lords of the italian States. So, Leonardo found in Florence a fertile land for his open-minded curiosity of the secret laws of the Globe, where he studied cartography, geography, astronomy and music, along with the technics of the arts, and a practical experience for hydraulic and military engeneering that was higly request in that period of intense technological changes.

This is a good opportunity to bike from the small town of Empoli to Leonardo’s birth-place of Vinci in a charming and attractive context up to the Castle of the fortified village where you can visit the Leonardo Museum. After the visit and lunch in Vinci we’ll move back to Empoli train station to go to Florence.

The excursion of Leonardo is on rural or low-trafficated roads.