The Via Francigena is the new edge of an intense experience in Tuscany walking on the footprint of medieval pilgrims: the ancient road of the IXth Century from the north of France to the Alps and then to the city of Lucca, before going to Siena and Roma. Via Francigena’s land is a multi-level travel, a colourful book of legends, history and memories of hundreds of pilgrims and travellers of all social status thanks searching for material and spiritual assistance during the long pelgrimage in abbeys and churches, or small towns and castles providing local exchange. taverns and hospitals.


The starting place is Empoli, small town west of Florence and the excursion moves southwards in low-traffic roads.  This is a full-day tour with comfortable hybrid bikes 21 speed, including the wine and extra virgin olive oil tasting+snacks and a light lunch in the town of Empoli.